Drøbak? Kotanya Kakek Santa


Since I’ve known that WINTER NOT LAST FOREVER,  let’s traveling around Norway since the Winter would end soon. Continue reading “Drøbak? Kotanya Kakek Santa”


Warsaw: Expired Bus Ticket!

WarsawTraveling (Backpackers) sendiri di Eropa? Why not? Someone said, “…you never know when you will get another change to Europe by scholarships, so, used it wisely, Continue reading “Warsaw: Expired Bus Ticket!”

Do you will find a same ‘Mukena’ in overseas?


Photo: Mushalla in University of Oslo, Norway 2013

Mengingat begitu sakral penggunaan mukena dalam shalat bagi kaum hawa, serigkali orang beranggapan bahwa syarat sah shalat itu harus pakai mukena. Continue reading “Do you will find a same ‘Mukena’ in overseas?”